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Whitetails in Southern Comfort is 800-acre high fence that is a bow hunters paradise.

This fence has been established over 25 years and rigorously managed the entire time. It’s never been rifle hunted.

There are no bottle-fed bucks in this enclosure. So, it’s quite different than most enclosures.

We have added some does over the years to guard against inbreeding and to help with genetics but other than that we just have a stout Alabama herd. 


We are Seeking a handful of hunters or group hunts. Only taking about 10 spots or so. We have 3-day hunt opportunities still available. During the hunt, you are able to take a trophy buck (your choice of buck no restrictions), 2 does, and any predator you see. We have an abundance of stands. While on the hunt you’ll hunt out of one of our 250+ lock ons, 51 basket lock ons, 14 16’ tall shooting houses built for bow hunting, or a double ladder stands. You will be taken to your stand by electric vehicles. 

While hunting with us your lodging is provided as well. Our lodging is on the property next to our pole barn and skinning shed where you can hangout around a fire, grill out, and just enjoy the stay. 


Meals will be included as well, every night the farm manager wife whips up some good country cooking. You can eat with us or bring your own meat and grill out at the pole barn. Whichever suites you and your group the best. 


All kills will be skinned and quartered for you. Trophies will be caped and quartered for you as well.


We have trophy bass lakes on the property if you decided you didn’t want to hunt, or you have already killed your trophy and you want to fish. You are more than welcome. 


You won’t regret it if you decide to come hunt with us. This is a limited spot opportunity. For more information call 334-473-9557 ask for Benny.

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